Retailer lists the Gear S3 frontier for $449

It has been over a month since Samsung unveiled its new smartwatch which comes in two different variants. The Gear S3 classic and the Gear S3 frontier have more or less the same specifications but the former is more suited towards those who want a conventional-looking wristwatch while the latter is geared towards those who prefer a sports watch. Even though Samsung said at launch that the Gear S3 will cost €399 in Europe it’s yet to formally confirm pricing and availability information for markets across the globe. A retailer has now listed the Gear S3 frontier on its website giving us an idea of what this smartwatch might cost in dollar terms.

Retailer MobileFun has listed the Gear S3 frontier in black for £349.00 ($449.99) and mentions that it will be available in stock within three weeks. We’ve previously heard that the Gear S3 will be released towards the end of October so the timeframe does make sense. It has also listed the Gear S3 classic for the same price and the same release timeframe. Aside from the design difference, the Gear S3 frontier also features 3G/LTE support as well as a speakerphone which enables users to take calls. The Gear S3 classic doesn’t have this feature but both variants have an integrated GPS. Samsung is yet to confirm official pricing and availability details for the Gear S3.

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