Samsung could use Exynos 8895 with ARM’s Mali-G71 GPU in the Galaxy S8 next year

A senior official from Samsung was recently arrested by the South Korean police officers while trying to steal the company’s confidential information related to 14nm and 10nm technology. The report contained information that Samsung is planning to use a 10nm Exynos chipset in the Galaxy S8 next year. Now, we’ve come across more details regarding the next high-end Exynos chipset from Samsung.

According to the information we’ve received, the Galaxy S8 could use an Exynos 8895 processor with ARM’s new Mali-G71 GPU. The new GPU is said to be up to 1.8 times as powerful as the Mali-T880 MP12 GPU used in the Exynos 8890-powered Galaxy S7. Moreover, this GPU is reportedly faster than the one from the Snapdragon 830 according to GFXBench results.

The Mali-G71 GPU uses ARM’s brand new Bifrost architecture, which is claimed to offer high-end 4K and VR experiences. It is also compatible with Vulkan, OpenGL ES 3.2, GPU Compute, and Android RenderScript APIs. Running at 850MHz, the 16nm GPU can provide a throughput of 27.2Gpix/s, which is double than that of the Mali-T880 GPU running at the same frequency. However, it needs to be seen what frequency Samsung ends up using.

It is being rumoured that Samsung might use a 4K display in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge for a better VR experience. You should take this with a pinch of salt as it is preliminary information, and things can change by the time Samsung unveils the Galaxy S8 early next year.


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5 months 28 days ago

A 4k screen restricted to VR only would be a good idea. Not much point in it operating in normal mode.

8 months 1 day ago

Double the processing power from the GPU is the minimum Samsung needs to compete with apples new SOC. This is a must for Samsung or they will be left in the dust, Sad to say…

4 months 26 days ago

haha….. You don’t know much about CPU and GPU’s do you??? lol….. You know Apple doesn’t design or fabricate their GPU and the Imagination GPU is still a privative design. With plenty of horsepower…. but not of desktop-caliber that this new BiFrost Architecture. This GPU can not only do complex high bitrate 4K with extended color range, but it can power 3D VR dual screen standard 4K screen rendering.

On top of that, it’s capable of AMD’s Heterogeneous Computing HSA to run CPU tasks natively simultaneously while rendering to the screen. Which puts it in direct competition with Qualcomm’s new GPU and it’s actually testing out better at running the HSA API’s and OpenGL’s replacement API’s in Vulkan Engine and New Android Renderscript. Then at 10nm advanced FinFet Process that only Samsung has coming offline after being fully ramped up in September. Whereas TSMC is testing their 10nm! hahaha……

5 months 28 days ago

Samsung left in the dust? I doubt it. It’s Apple device sales that are falling, not Samsungs. iPhone isn’t even at the races. A one trick pony like the A10 may be a millisecond or two faster but that’s because it doesn’t have to do anything serious.

8 months 4 days ago

S8 with 4k UHD display definitely needs a 4000+ mah battery just to maintain its battery juice during 24 hrs!

4 months 26 days ago

Samsung SDI has the newest most energy efficient….. long life…. Solid State batteries coming out! ……which they are working in a Joint Venture with LG to produce for both companies phones only at launches next year. Galaxy S8 and Edge are said to be the first to use these SAFE from Fires and explosions batteries. Which you can expect not to see in any Apple iPhones for another 4yrs! haha….. Solid State batteries that Samsung SDI worked to develop with MIT!!!

8 months 5 days ago

So you are saying that at 16nm the GPU achieves double the graphics power of the previous generation and that might get even better on the 10nm implementation?

5 months 28 days ago

Two separate things there my friend. The SoC is 10nm. The faster Mali GPU that’s allegedly going to be used is 16nm.

4 months 26 days ago

You do know that TSMC is behind on just taking GPU’s to 28nm! lol….. and they aren’t even ramped up for 10nm FinFet and may not make it out for iPhone 8 launch. Meanwhile…. Samsung is already testing 5nm and 7nm processes. Both Intel and TSMC have been leapfrogged by Samsung, IBM and Global Foundries in Common Platform Alliance!

I don’t think people realize that Samsung and IBM are still in this Joint Venture and cross-licensing agreements! ……which is like Intel simply licensing their FinFet technology process to TSMC. Who has no Full Foundry Engineering and Design Expertise for their own! Since they are not a full-service Foundry and Design House!