Senior Samsung official arrested for trying to sell company secrets to Chinese competitors

Samsung is one of the largest electronics brands in the world, and it spends a considerable amount of capital every year for research and development. The company was the first to introduce a 14nm-based chipset for smartphones, and it is already developing 10nm-based Exynos chipsets. Now, reports indicate that a senior official from Samsung was trying to sell its confidential information to Chinese competitors.

According to a report from, South Korean police officers have arrested a senior official (named Mr. Lee) from Samsung LSI. The official was trying to sell confidential information regarding the company’s semiconductor technology to competing brands based out of China. It includes confidential information about Samsung’s 14nm and 10nm fabrication processes. Samsung is reportedly suing the official, and the prosecution is planning to investigate further into this matter.

Samsung is yet to release information about its upcoming Exynos chipset based on 10nm process. However, the report states the Galaxy S8, which will be released next year, will use this 10nm-based SoC. Currently, Samsung is also facing threats in the market as Chinese brands are trying to acquire its partner companies.

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