Safe Galaxy Note 7 units are already making their way to customers in the US

Samsung confirmed earlier this month that it’s going to voluntarily replace all Galaxy Note 7 units shipped since the device was released on August 19. It’s now urging people to take part in its replacement program for the new flagship smartphone. The company recently confirmed that it’s going to send out replacement stock of safe Galaxy Note 7 handsets that don’t feature a battery that’s a potential fire hazard no later than September 21. However, it appears that the safe units are already finding their way to customers in the United States.

We’re seeing multiple reports online from customers who have been notified by Best Buy that their replacement Galaxy Note 7 units are ready for pickup. So far all of the reports have a common denominator: Best Buy. No other Samsung carrier or retail partner appears to be handing out the replacement devices even if they have received some inventory from the company. Since Samsung has confirmed that replacement inventory will be provided to customers in the United States no later than September 21, this should instill confidence in customers that they may really not have to wait beyond September 21 to get a safe Galaxy Note 7 unit and be done with all of this once and for all.

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