Samsung sees automotive as the next big thing in ICT

Samsung is attaching great importance to its presence in the automotive market. The company announced late last year that it has set up a team that’s dedicated to growing its automotive-related business and focusing on technologies like automated driving. It’s already working with the likes of BMW on developing smart brains for cars of the future. A senior researcher at Samsung says that automotive is the next big thing in the information technology sector.

“Automotive will ultimately be the next big thing in the information technology sector and it‘s just a matter of time,” said Kim Do-kyun at the company’s Mobile & IoT Forum, he is a senior researcher at Samsung’s memory business division, he added that a vast array of electronic components goes into automotive products including but not limited to system-on-chip, camera, display and a central processing unit. Samsung sees opportunities in automotive infotainment, advanced driver assistance system and telematics in the short and medium term while Do-kyun says that “In the long term, autonomous driving will be a game changer for bringing in new lifestyle.”

Samsung has made a couple of moves recently which show that it’s serious about competing in the automotive market. It has already acquired a part of Chinese electric car maker BYD and is reportedly in talks with Fiat Chrysler to acquire auto parts giant Magneti Marelli. It’s expected to close this $3 billion deal by the end of this year.


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