Samsung confirms Audi will use its Exynos processors for In Vehicle Infotainment systems

Samsung and Audi established a partnership last year when it was confirmed that Samsung will be providing the German luxury car manufacturer with memory semiconductors for its on-board computer systems. It was reported two weeks ago that Samsung will soon start supplying Audi with its Exynos processors which will be used in the company’s infotainment systems. It has been confirmed today that Samsung and Audi have inked a new partnership for Exynos processors that will power Audi’s In Vehicle Infotainment systems.

Samsung has now been confirmed as a partner in the Audi Progressive SemiConductor Program as a supplier of Exynos processors. “Through the PSCP, Samsung and Audi will work together to bring the best in-vehicle infotainment experience at the automotive quality level expected from the Audi brand,” said Alfons Pfaller, Head of Infotainment Development at Audi.

The company’s flagship Exynos processors support multiple OS and have multi-display support. They can operate up to four different domains and displays inside a car at once. The processors’ powerful computing and graphics performance will enable Audi’s systems to provide a highly graphical user interface on displays for enhanced user engagement. It’s unclear right now when the first Exynos-powered infotainment system will debut in an Audi vehicle.

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