Samsung to supply Audi with Exynos processors from 2018

If a new report originating from China is anything to go by, it looks like Samsung will supply Audi with Exynos-branded application processors for its 2018 range of vehicles. The contract is slated to accelerate the entry of Exynos chips in the automotive semiconductor market.

For those who have been following the automotive industry closely, you may recall that Samsung inked a contract with Audi back in November to provide the firm with memory semiconductors, including 20-nm DRAM, for its on-board computer systems. This latest development is believed to be the next stage in the original deal.

Samsung’s senior executives have reportedly confirmed that the company will supply Exynos chips to Audi, but added that it “takes a long time from development to supply,” so I think it’s safe to say that we won’t be hearing about any groundbreaking automotive projects powered by the processors for a while.

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