Audi to use semiconductors from Samsung Electronics in its cars

A very interesting report from Business Korea suggests that Samsung Electronics is set to manufacture automotive semiconductors for carmaker Audi. This includes some of the latest technology in the field such as the leading-edge DRAM chips or the embedded multimedia card (eMMC). President of Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Business Kim Ki-nam was recently at the Audi Progressive SemiConductor Program, which was held at the Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany on the 23rd of November, and here’s what he had to say:

It is an exciting moment to offer our industry leading memory solutions to embrace the rapidly growing automotive industry. Based on this partnership, Samsung will bring various benefits and advanced user experience to the global automotive market while providing high quality memory products with excellent performance and enhanced reliability.

It seems that Samsung’s semiconductor business is thriving as of late, having already established a new headquarters in Silicon Valley and expanding its business in China. The semiconductor branch is estimated to rake in $10 billion this year and having gained Audi’s business, this could only mean a further increase in profits.


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