Samsung patents ‘artificial muscle’ for flexible smartphones

Samsung has been awarded countless patents that detail its technological inventions concerning flexible and foldable smartphones. We spotted some more Samsung patents a couple of weeks ago that detailed both foldable smartphones and tablets. Samsung has now filed for two patents in the United States, the patents are for flexible smartphones that can bend using ‘artificial muscle,’ which is basically an internal controller that can take any shape when voltage is applied through it.

One patent describes a device that has a flexible display panel and a flexible image processing board connected with at least one artificial muscle that’s configured to be deformed so that the shape can be changed when voltage is applied. Samsung details the artificial muscle as a matrix of small connected plates – when bent by an external force – seek voltage from a controller in the image processor board so that the artificial muscle can maintain the bending state. The second patent details a display panel that’s segregated into a top and a bottom region allowing the two to be bent in half. It’s obviously too soon to speculate if and when this technology will see the light of day. Samsung patents many technological inventions and not all of them make it to market.

samsung-artifical-muscle-patent-2 samsung-artifical-muscle-patent-1 samsung-foldable-device-patent-1

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