Samsung shares all the details surrounding the development of Gear Fit 2′s GPS capabilities in new interview

Three weeks ago, Samsung shared an interview it conducted with its leading designers shedding some light on the work that went into making the Gear Fit 2 as comfortable, secure and sleek as it is, and today we’re getting an opportunity to find out exactly how the engineering team used the band’s integrated GPS chip to create a new standard of fitness recognition amongst wearables.

A total of six questions were answered during this latest interview, including: how the team managed to embed full GPS capabilities, the secrets that went into improving battery efficiency and the technology behind the industry’s first automatic workout recognition sensors. If you’d like to find out the answers to these questions, hit the source link below to view the full Q&A over on Samsung’s website.



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Based on what I’ve read about the GPS in the gear fit 2, it isn’t very accurate, and the device itself is extremely slow to recognize that you’re going for a run on most occasions.


I tried yesterday for a run. GPS recorded accurately, but a bit lag when I flipped my hand to see the status during running. Otherwise it’s great.


Not only that. The screen is too reflective outdoors (and it turns off automatically even during a workout!), metrics are not customisable and it only shows one data field at a time, and swiping with sweaty hands to switch between screens sucks. It’s OK as a fitness tracker, but no one would ever pick this over a dedicated running watch if running is your thing.