Eric Schmidt uses an iPhone and Galaxy S7, but claims the latter is better

Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Eric Schmidt, has today admitted to owning both an iPhone and Galaxy S7 during the Startup Fest in Amsterdam, but before he could come under criticism from Android fans all over the world, he quickly added that he prefers Samsung’s offering as it has “better battery life. And those of you who are iPhone users know I’m right.”

It’s a little strange to think that the Executive Chairman of the company that grew Android into what it is today owns a handset from its main competitor, but over the course of the past few years Google has worked tirelessly to bring its core services to iOS. Some of them even deliver an almost identical experience across all platforms, which means there’s no real reason for Schmidt to use Android in order to access his Docs on the go.

I think it’s great, however, that Schmidt has publicly praised the Galaxy S7’s battery life. I’ve conducted my own tests pitting the handset’s 3,000mAh batter against the iPhone 6S’ 1,715mAh cell to find that it lasts up to 8-hours longer in certain circumstances, such as when streaming an entire season of Game of Thrones or casting content from YouTube to my TV.

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