[Poll] Battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge improves with time

With a considerably larger battery on the Galaxy S7 edge compared to the S6 edge, and even compared to the Galaxy S6 edge+ or Note 5, you would expect the flagship to offer out of this world battery life right out of the box. That is unfortunately not the case, and as we noted in our review, battery life on the Galaxy S7 edge is still only a one-day affair at most. On many days, charging by the evening was necessary for continued usage.

Disabling Always On display helps, but it still doesn’t make for battery life that you would expect, especially when you take the Galaxy S6 Active from last year into consideration. However, if you have been disappointed with your Galaxy S7 edge’s endurance after recently purchasing the device, we should tell you – battery life improves almost drastically after a couple of weeks as your phone adjusts to your usage pattern and starts controlling background apps.

The latter helps considerably with improving battery life. With Android 5.1, Samsung added a feature that “optimizes apps.” That’s a fancy name for something very basic – the device keeps tracks of the apps that you haven’t been using for three days (this can be set to five or seven days), and then starts putting these apps into a sleep state so that they do not run in the background on their own. You can turn this optimization feature off, but really, why would you?

Of course, your usage pattern and just the fact that the phone needs to settle into a rhythm after the initial bout of usage also help battery life. So just hang on a little if your Galaxy S7 edge is gobbling up the battery a little too quickly: It gets better. Five hours of screen time becomes a regular thing after a while. Okay, so you still won’t be able to use the device the entire next day without a charge, but there will come a time when you won’t be needing to reach for the charger before bedtime.

How’s the battery life on your Galaxy S7 edge? Let us know through the comments section and in the poll below!

How's the battery life on your Galaxy S7 edge?
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