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Samsung might skip OLED TVs in favor of QLED TVs


Last updated: May 24th, 2016 at 10:01 UTC+02:00

It was reported earlier this year that Samsung is going to relaunch OLED TVs in 2017 but a few months ago the company said that it’s still skeptical about this technology. It believes that the market still hasn’t developed for OLED TVs as higher panel cost keeps the price outside the range of most customers. Samsung Display CEO Park Dong-gun did say that Samsung will continue its research on OLED panels but currently has no plans to mass produce them.

According to a new report, Samsung has started preparing a medium to long-term roadmap for next-generation TVs and that it has decided to skip OLED TVs in favor or QLED TVs. Apparently the strategy is to continue developing Quantum-Dot TVs while preparing to commercialize QLED technologies during this time. Samsung is expected to finalize this roadmap by next month and share it internally.

“Although we had been developing and paying careful attention on OLED technologies, there are problems regarding age and production cost with large products since they use organic material,” a high-ranking Samsung official cited in the report said. Samsung is now expected to focus on its Quantum-Dot SUHD TVs for up to three years while it continues work to commercialize QLED technology. New QLED TVs are likely to hit the market at some point in 2019.

QLED is believed to be the next-generation display technology after OLED, it stands for Quantum dot light emitting diodes and is a self-illuminating element like OLED without needing help from Back-Light Unit or BLU. Since inorganic material is used, QLED provides higher durability than OLED and is known to have a lower production cost with a superior level of light stability and clarity. Moreover, since the representation of color for each pixel is improved, QLED is great for HDR content which is an emerging trend in the industry today.

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