Samsung rolls out S Bike Mode to the Galaxy J2, Galaxy J5, and Galaxy J7

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy J3 (2016) in India with a unique feature called S Bike Mode. When it is activated, the smartphone automatically plays a pre-recorded message to callers that the user is riding and cannot receive the call, Now, S Bike Mode has been released to more devices in the Galaxy J series.

S Bike Mode is now available for the Galaxy J2, Galaxy J5, and Galaxy J7 through a software update. A software update was released to the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 in India yesterday. However, unlike the Galaxy J3 (2016), these devices don’t feature NFC, so S Bike Mode would have to be activated using the quick setting toggle.

The Galaxy J3 (2016) comes bundled with an NFC tag that can be put on a bike. Users can instantly activate or deactivate the S Bike Mode by tapping the device on the tag. Look forward to our review of the Galaxy J3 (2016) in the coming days.

Samsung Galaxy J - S Bike Mode

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