Display scaling becomes an official feature in latest Galaxy S7 update

The latest update for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge turns display scaling into an official feature, conveniently available to users from the settings menu. Recently, executives at Samsung expressed the desire to act more like a young startup company. It’s easy to see why this might be an impossible goal, lately, some remarkable things have been coming out of Samsung’s software department. Not only did the latest Galaxy S7 update bring security patches a mere week after Nexus phones received them, but a much-discussed hack has quickly become an official feature.

Only weeks ago, a neat little trick was widely publicized, explaining how users could change the scaling of the Galaxy S7’s display by using an alternative launcher’s shortcuts. This feature, presumably part of upcoming Android N, enables users to choose a more condensed DPI setting, thus allowing more content to be shown on screen.


Now, Samsung has activated Display scaling in the newest Galaxy S7 firmware, quickly responding to what users are doing with their devices in the real world. You’ll find the option in the phone’s settings, under the Display section, where you can choose between Standard and Condensed scaling.

It is far too early to conclude recent software development for the Galaxy S7 shows a much improved Samsung, but we can’t deny we like what we are seeing for now. Fingers crossed these are not isolated, happy accidents, but the first signs of an actually leaner software department.

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