Galaxy S7 slow-motion video recording at 240fps looks real nice

Most high-end handsets allow users to record videos in slow-motion. Even though most flagships cap slow-motion videos at 720p resolution and 240 frames-per-second the combination works well enough to produce a good video particularly when you consider the fact that it’s being recorded using a smartphone camera and not special equipment. A slow-motion video taken via the Galaxy S7 has been posted online and it does look real nice.

It’s not known for sure at this point in time whether the Galaxy S7 offers slow-motion recording at true 720p and 240fps or if it just interpolates a 120fps video to 240fps. That might be the case here but the video itself looks good enough to pass as a decent slow-motion capture. The video contains both normal and slowed down parts which means that users are able to pick in the Samsung gallery app which part of the video they want to slow down. If recording slow-motion videos is your cup of tea then you can see that the Galaxy S7 won’t let you down.

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