Samsung rolls out February security update for all its latest flagship smartphones

Samsung has just begun pushing out February’s security update to all unlocked variants of the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5 located in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

This release is identical to the firmware that Google pushed out for its Nexus lineup at the beginning of the month, and is targeted at fixing ten security loopholes and seven major vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. There’s also a dedicated patch for the faulty Qualcomm Wi-Fi drivers and a repair for a critical error that could have allowed remote access to a device by way of a simple text message.

Unfortunately, the South Korean manufacturer could not publish the entire changelog for this upgrade as there are bugs present in the software that might not have been stumbled upon by hackers, who may attempt to exploit them before the firmware reaches its designated handsets. If you own one of the above-mentioned devices and would like to see if the upgrade is ready for your particular unit, head into Settings, followed by About Device, then tap Check for Updates.


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10 months 10 hours ago

Recién llego la actualización de febrero Tío Sam si que te demoras te gracias. Ahora a la espera de la Melcocha.

10 months 1 day ago

I haven’t seen any updates since November and who knows when it comes to my S5.

jide ofor
10 months 9 days ago

Just received security update for my note 4.
What about mashmellow?

10 months 13 days ago

Marshmallow 6.0 GALAXY E5 ?

10 months 17 days ago

i know that is not offical samsung site but i have too say get your shit together samsung

10 months 18 days ago

Samsung is rolling out this, Samsung is rolling out that. I havn’t seen sweet far call on my 925i since Dec. A so called “flagship phone” Samsung hasn’t rolled out bugger all! Good one Samsung. You are an absolute disgrace!

10 months 18 days ago

Um, nothing here in Australia yet on our 920I’s. Newest Android build for our variant was a Lollipop on 22nd December 2015, with nothing since posted on sammobile’s firmware pages. Meantime, the F variant keeps getting the Marshmallow goodness…

acme anvil
10 months 20 days ago

I see new security patches issued every month but obviously its hit or miss as to whether we, the end users, will ever see these security patches. I haven’t seen a security patch update since November. Samsung talks a good game but don’t hold your breath waiting for security patches (let alone MM).

10 months 20 days ago

Where announced a security update for the SM-G900F?

10 months 21 days ago

My N920G (Note 5) had received its last update on new years eve
Since then it’s been 2 whole months with not even a single update in India
No security patches or marshmallow

10 months 21 days ago

I’m still in December patch on my note 5 : (

10 months 21 days ago

I don’t understand why any of these people are surprised! Samsung has ALWAYS done this. Stop asking or get a different phone because this has been going on for years already. Next year it will be the same thing again. Plan ahead. Buy a Nexus and get over it.

10 months 21 days ago

Waiting s6 edge plus SM-G9287C

10 months 21 days ago

Year : 2018
Google : Android 7 will release this week
Samsung : galaxy s6 and s6 edge getting android 6.0.1 this week…

10 months 21 days ago

Samsung and update is the biggest joke !!! Even my replacement phone (LG G3) has upped the already MM.

10 months 21 days ago

As I’ve said a number of times here with regards to the delays in providing updates, if Samsung took their fingers out of the bucket load of pies they’re into, we’d get new firmwares and patches much sooner. They may be muppets over at Cupertino, but at least they produce a smaller range of devices that aren’t altered between territories. This of course makes sharing out updates easier, as there’s no need to optimize new firmwares for what could be as much as 10 ‘variants’ across the world. I mean, the 920F, the 920I, the S, the 0; when will it end? Its about time Samsung told AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and every other cellular provider on the planet that demand their own regional variant that they’re not getting it. One size should fit all of us, and when it does you’ll see a marked decrease in the delays between updates…

10 months 21 days ago

Where is 5.1.1 for note 4 in india ?????

10 months 21 days ago

And no galaxy alpha?
Whaaat that phone is newer than s5, why no support for it????
Samsung samsung its not eve 2 years old phone and ditched.

10 months 21 days ago

PATCH WAS 1-1-16

10 months 21 days ago

What about j5?

10 months 22 days ago

We should all move to Iraq, they seem to get timely updates there….. Chuckle

10 months 22 days ago

I can confirm the february security update for Tab S2 9.7 T815 is also received..

10 months 22 days ago

I haven’t gotten a security update for my unlocked/unbranded S6 920F since October 2015!

This is a bad joke Samsung. Taking so long for major Android updates is annoying, but I can live with that. But not delivering critical security updates to many devices selective by region even though Samsung have actually already developed them is beyond ridiculous.

This will likely be the major reason I won’t buy a Samsung again.

10 months 22 days ago

Where’s the 6.0.1 update for SM-G920I?

10 months 22 days ago

Well in Europe (Germany) my unbranded Note 4 is still on the November update (there is nothing on firmwares newer than that) … so monthly updates from Samsung are a “marketing joke” more or less.

10 months 22 days ago

Not to mention that the Galaxy Alpha (underlining the word Ga-lac-sy) is still on 5.0.2 without ever seeing any “security update”. A very good phone, but since Samsung did not intend to sell many of those, since it was a prototype for their metal casings for the A series, it most likely never see another update again.

10 months 21 days ago

Shame i have alpha and i think this phone is soooo underrated and as it seems no further updates for it. It is on samsungs aproval list but will it get???