Samsung’s upcoming wearable activity tracker SM-R150 revealed in images

We had exclusively revealed a couple of months ago that Samsung is working on its next-generation fitness and activity tracker, the SM-R150, and that the device was being called Triathlon internally. Now, multiple images of the device have surfaced the Internet, and its design looks quite similar to the Gear S2.

According to the images revealed by Tizen Cafe, The SM-R150 appears to be equipped with the same circular display and rotatable bezel that we’ve seen on the Gear S2. The whole design of the activity tracker is close the Sport variant of the Gear S2. We think that it is based on the company’s new Bio Processor chipset, which was also used in the S-Patch prototype showcased during CES 2016.

It looks like the SM-R150 will come with a heart-rate sensor, and it can also be attached to a user’s chest using some kind of accessory. This device might be different than the Gear S2 with a focus towards fitness and activity tracking. It looks like it will come with a feature to count repetitions in a workout, body fat measurement, and a way to keep track of water intake.

If this device doesn’t come with all the features of the Gear S2, it will be priced relatively cheaper. It would be great if Samsung can price it below the likes of Fitbit Pulse and Garmin Forerunner 225. As always, we will try to bring more details about this device in the near future.

Samsung SM-R150

Samsung SM-R150 01

Samsung SM-R150 02

Samsung SM-R150 03

Samsung SM-R150 04



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Ugly as heck but if the price is right … it may be worthwhile as a gym companion. Not holding my breath.


Interesting that it can be chest worn. Hopefully it will interface with a chest strap for chest-based HR readings when needed.

If it does this + has a battery life of 5 days or more + has interchangeable straps so it can look more like a fashion watch when needed, I’d be seriously interested in it.


Arc reactor confirmed (?)


Looks good!


Looks bigger and better looking than the Gear S2. I’m either gonna get this or the Gear S3.