Exclusive: Samsung working on entry-level activity tracker

Samsung has released a bunch of wearable devices over the past couple of years including fitness trackers and smartwatches. The South Korean electronics giant recently released its first smartwatch – the Gear S2 – with a  circular display and a refreshing design. While most of its wares were targeted at the mid-range or high-end segments, Samsung is now looking to make wearables available to a wider swath of audience by launching an entry-level activity tracker.

The SM-R150 is a new wearable device that Samsung is currently working on. The device is being called Triathlon internally, and this points towards an activity or fitness tracking device. We believe that the device could offer a similar feature-set as that of Xiaomi’s Mi Band, which sells for just $15 in China and India. Not much is known about the specifications of this device right now, but it might not feature a heart-rate sensor considering that its model number is lower than the Gear Fit (SM-R350).

Samsung has also released the S Health and the Samsung Gear apps for non-Samsung smartphones, so this new activity tracker might be compatible with all Android smartphones. Who knows, Samsung might even make it compatible with iPhones to increase its adoption. Right now, Fitbit, Misfit, and Xiaomi control the lion’s share of the market in the entry-evel activity tracker segment, but Samsung’s entry may change the whole segment altogether.


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I see the ppl asking or demanding updates, what can change just on an update? Nothing, on my old s4 i update from 4.4.2 to 5.0.1 and just is a face clean anything diferent, so i move to custom roms (i did that on every phone i get) now im on a note 2 whit a custos 4.4.4 note 4 like and it work perfect, looks like a lollipop rom. So if you want an update just go to xda find one and use it, dont whait for a update from samsung, they got 1234567890 phones and they just focuses… Read more »


What Samsung needs to do is to update the S5 g900h with either 5.1.1 or 6.0 software. I cant believe how bad Samsung has treated the S5 users. HUGE SHAME. All they are doing is neglect customers releasing ridiculous gadgets phones that are way below the s5 that’s getting software updates higher than s5.