‘Made for Samsung’ program brings exclusive mobile experiences curated with best apps and brands

Samsung has introduced a new initiative at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas, called “Made for Samsung,” it’s going to bring exclusive mobile experiences curated with the world’s leading apps and top brands for the company’s mobile devices. Basically, the company is going to work with these brands and apps to bring unique experiences for its products.

Samsung already tested the waters with such an arrangement about three months back when it worked with Expedia to create a special version of the travel app exclusive to Galaxy smartphones. Samsung Collection is an exclusive feature offered by Expedia for Samsung aside from deals and discounts for those who own the company’s handsets. Samsung is working with additional apps and brands like Photobucket, CNN, News Republic, Pear Sports, Skimble and The Weather Channel to create co-branded experiences that will be deployed across all of its devices categories including mobile, tablets, TV, IoT, wearables and virtual reality.



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