Galaxy A3 and A5 (2016) release date revealed by Dutch retailer

When Samsung officially revealed their new Galaxy A lineup for 2016, a release in January was generally expected, though no further details were given. Now, a retailer from the Netherlands has spilled the beans by mentioning January 8th as the release date for both the Galaxy A3 (2016) and the Galaxy A5 (2016). Generally, Samsung’s Dutch releases coincide with those in other Western European markets, give or take a week, so we expect at least the smallest of the revamped Galaxy A series to hit other countries in the first two weeks of January.

As reported earlier, the 4.7-inch Galaxy A3 (2016) is priced at €329, while the 5.2-inch Galaxy A5 (2016) will set you back €429 initially. The 5.7-inch Galaxy A7 (2016) will not make it to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, though keep in mind that in 2015 the original A7 also arrived several months after its smaller siblings.

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Now just need to know AU/NZ’s availability of those new Galaxy A models.


If it had Marshmallow pre-installed, I’d probably order the A5 on release day.

With only 16GB internal storage, I need Marshmallow’s adaptable storage feature to make the phone viable.