Samsung Knox adopted by four million users

Samsung has announced that just two years after its launch its Knox security solution has been adopted by four million users across the globe, this according to Samsung’s vice president of B2B development IT and mobile communications Young-Jip Kim, who wrote in a blog post that Knox adoption is gradually increasing in the enterprise market.

The last update on Knox usage numbers came back in May 2014 when Samsung said that the security solution had more than 1.8 million active users, it has taken Samsung over a year and a half to effectively double the number of active users. Since then Knox has been updated to Knox 2.0 and a separate Knox store for enterprise apps was also introduced. Samsung and BlackBerry also announced earlier this year that they were going to integrate the Knox secure platform with WorkLife by SecuSuite and BlackBerry, further paving the way for Knox to make its mark in the enterprise sector.



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Samsung in the first quarter of 2014 43.7 million phones

so thats what like 350 million over two years


So lets take a lowball stab that they have sold 48million phones in that time
1 in 12 use a feature that 12 out of 12 of us have to have the
20 or so background processes running and calling home 24/7

and lets not forget that out of that 4 million i can guarantee atleast 2 million
tried it once just to see what the fuss was about and never touched it again