Galaxy S9 and Galaxy A8 Enterprise Editions launched in the Netherlands

Samsung has launched Enterprise Edition variants of the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and the Galaxy A8 in the Netherlands. These enterprise editions were launched in Germany in early 2018 and are now making their way to the Netherlands. The same features are on offer, namely four years of software updates, three-year Knox Configure licenses, and the Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air (E-FOTA) service.

Galaxy A8, S8, and S9 Enterprise Editions now in the Netherlands

The longer software support might stand out to folks who own the regular editions of these devices. However, it isn’t too different from Samsung’s three-year support for consumer devices. Samsung offers the same number of major Android OS upgrades to the enterprise editions (so that’s two for each device), and the fourth year comes with quarterly security updates instead of monthly ones. These Enterprise Edition phones are also available for purchase two years after they go on sale, so that enterprises can increase the number of devices they have deployed as they grow further.

The Knox Configure allows IT administrators to remotely configure and manage a large number of Samsung mobile devices. Software updates can be remotely installed as well, in addition to being scheduled for all or some devices. Samsung hasn’t revealed pricing for the Netherlands, but you can expect it to be similar to Germany. So that’s €849 and €499 for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy A8 respectively. The Galaxy S8 should be priced somewhere in between.

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Martin DAYI
Martin DAYI

These offerings won’t be able to capture iPhone’s solidified presence in enterprise preference.