Galaxy S9 and Galaxy A8 Enterprise Edition launched in Germany

Samsung has been launching Enterprise Edition variants of its popular smartphones to target business customers for some time now. Last year, the company released the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 Enterprise Edition models as part of the strategy.

Continuing its enterprise push, Samsung has announced the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy A8 Enterprise Edition smartphones in Germany. Other than after-sales support and enterprise-deployment software, these devices are in no way different from the consumer edition counterparts. Both the devices will come with three-year Knox Configure (Dynamic Edition) licenses and the Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air service (E-FOTA on MDM).

Three years of monthly security updates

Samsung Knox Configure allows IT administrators to remotely configure and manage a large number of Samsung mobile devices to their requirements. They can create configuration profiles to restrict features, change settings, set company logos and business apps as an unchangeable default option, etc. IT administrators can also remotely and selectively install firmware updates with the Samsung Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (E-FOTA on MDM) service. The service also allows scheduled updates to reduce service interruptions and downtime.

The Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition will receive three years of monthly security updates and quarterly updates for the fourth year, while the Galaxy A8 Enterprise Edition is limited to monthly security updates for three years. Both phones will come with two years of manufacturer warranty. If Samsung indeed delivers as promised, these devices might appeal even to the general consumers who care about quick security updates.

The Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition will be available in Germany from April 2018 at a price of €849 (~$1050). The Galaxy A8 Enterprise Edition is already available for the corporate customers in Germany for €499 (~$550). Samsung is launching the dual SIM variants of these phones to help users manage their private and work life better. Samsung hasn’t launched the Galaxy A8 in Germany to the public and is offering it exclusively to enterprise customers.

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