Samsung reveals BRITECELL camera technology at its Investors Forum

At the Samsung Electronics 2015 Investors Forum the company talked about some of the new technology that it has come up with which will eventually make its way to consumer devices by next year. There have been conflicting reports recently regarding the Galaxy S7′s camera but about a week back a new trademark application from Samsung was spotted for BRITECELL, and that was believed to be the sensor which would be introduced with the Galaxy S7. While it didn’t confirm that at the Investors Forum, Samsung did reveal BRITECELL.

Head of the Samsung LSI marketing team Kyushik Hong revealed the BRITECELL technology which promises enhanced light sensitivity in low light conditions with less color artifact. The presentation also made it clear that BRITECELL is not the rumored 1/2-inch sensor with large pixels that has been rumored for the Galaxy S7 because it actually has smaller one micron pixels, and Samsung says that this helps reduce module height by 17% while maintaining low light sensitivity at 1.12µm. The sensor is also aided by Samsung’s Smart WDR technology to provide a more detailed image by using multi-exposure for better spatial resolution and Phase Detection Auto Focus or PDAF for faster and more accurate auto focus.

Samsung has not yet confirmed when the BRITECELL technology will be used in its smartphones but it’s safe to assume that the Galaxy S7 could be the first Samsung handset to get it, this would mean that the next flagship’s camera performance will be significantly better than that of its predecessors, particularly when it comes to low light photography where Samsung flagships have often lost out to their LG counterparts. The company is expected to unveil the Galaxy S7 on February 21.

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1 year 5 months ago

Lost out to LG???? lol…. you just have to be kidding and if you’re not, you shouldn’t even be writing for any site on camera technology. In combination their already industry first thin walled enhanced ISOCELL technology with greater light gathering abilities than any other CMOS Semiconductor Fabrication methods that they have even Sony licensing it.

We’re not talking about taking somebody else’s fabrication process or only making CMOS Sensors with licensing from Sony anymore. We’re talking about Samsung now being the #1 CMOS manufacturer on the Planet. Not…… #2 to Sony…… but #1 in the industry. While Sony had been selling off fabrication plants to stay afloat and contracting companies like Samsung to fabricate their for them, Samsung has been spending huge sums of money on R&D on.

BRITECELL is just one more step in Samsung leading the way into the FUTURE of CMOS Manufacturing Dominance!

Sony???? It was Samsung who got them to get off their arsesss and buy a few semi plants to at least give Samsung some other company to challenge them. If you really don’t understand or have the slightest idea what makes this technology really tick, then you really should think about getting another job!!!

Oh….. and by the way…. lol….. did you know LG buys parts from Samsung…. just like Apple does. Actually when LG has problems supplying Apple it’s always Samsung that comes in and saves the day for them! :D ……..larger pixels? OMG…. somehow you should really work to understand that it’s not larger pixels that gather more light. That’s called a CMOS Sensor’s Aperture that’s responsible for that. Smaller Pixels in this case with their other CMOS technologies means they’ll have the thinnest and smallest cameras in any mobile device made in the World!!! ……and Samsung unlike some other companies allows their customers to rebrand their technologies as coming from them!!!

1 year 5 months ago

They are already using 1.0µm in A8.
I heard the investor conference now, and the topic of BRITECELL was after the discussion of ISOCELL and 1.0µm module. I didn’t get the impression that it was related to that.