Samsung working on high profile Tizen smartphone for 2016

Samsung could be launching a high profile Tizen-based smartphone next year according to a report from Samsung Vietnam. The South Korean tech giant wants to expand its ecosystem after surpassing BlackBerry as the fourth largest mobile operating system in Q3 2015. By releasing such a device Samsung would greatly improve the user experience in Tizen-based devices, and it could mean an upgrade to the user interface as well.

We expect Tizen to gain more and more users especially if this report turns out to be true. The operating system has been getting a lot of content lately like an exclusive VLC app, an official Facebook app and hopefully a Vimeo app pretty soon. Developers are getting highly interested in Tizen especially since Samsung is letting them keep all their app revenue till the end of next year .

That being said, it’s going to be interesting to see the next chapter for Tizen and we’re keeping a close eye on this high-tier Tizen smartphone next year. What about you?


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