Tizen surpasses Blackberry as the fourth largest smartphone platform during Q3 2015

In a surprising development, Tizen has surpassed BlackBerry to become the fourth largest smartphone operating system during Q3 2015 according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

The same report claims that Apple is gaining traction in the smartphone world while Android has lost some ground this year. What’s more is that Samsung claims that Tizen is the 2nd largest smartphone operating system in India in the budget segment. With the Tizen Z3 arriving in 11 European countries this year, soon the popularity of this platform will see a surge.

It’s important to note that Tizen has been under some very active development recently which is what’s powering this wave of popularity. First of all, Samsung is giving Tizen developers 100 percent of their app revenue, which encourages development on this platform. Various big-name apps are getting released on Tizen like the native Facebook app, VLC and even MixRadio.

It’s a secure, open-source operating system, which looks like it will definitely catch on. However, we will have to wait until it picks up more traction. Right now it is the fourth largest smartphone operating system, and that says a lot given how little time has passed since its release.


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