Samsung Z3 tipped to launch in 11 countries in Europe

We exclusively confirmed that Samsung’s new Tizen smartphone, the Z3, would bring the company’s mobile OS to the European region, breaking its exclusivity to Asian markets like India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed anything, but the folks over at Tizen Experts are now shedding more light on the Z3’s launch in Europe.

According to the site, the Z3 is being tested for 11 countries in the region: the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Kazakhstan. That’s a mix of both major and not-so-major markets; there’s no word on an actual launch date yet, but we suppose the phone will go on sale in at least some of the aforementioned markets before the end of this year.

With the kind of reception the Samsung Z1 saw in terms of sales, Samsung has every reason to be making the Z3 available to as many consumers as possible, though the device’s low-end nature might not make it an attractive option for people in markets like the UK and Germany. The app gap on Tizen is still a huge issue, but recent developments have suggested that the OS might be getting some attention from developers, with a native Facebook app now available and a VLC app in the works.

Would you be interested in buying the Samsung Z3 if it launched in your country, or would you prefer to opt for a device running Android? Let us know in the comments below.



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Today i reveived my Z3 from I have to say im a bit disappointed. Handling is not very handy. You cannot change the Homescreen as easy as in Android as example. Main problem is the poor App offer. Telegram still wont work :(. German language is not supported. My prefered Calculation App from Android is not available. Total Commander also not supported. But i was surprised about the look and how good the Display is. Most important thing to do for sucess is the App Store. Hope Tizen 3.0 is coming soon with better wifi support (there´s an issue… Read more »


I will buy one as fast as possible. Im waiting till i can order it in Germany. Dont need the best Display, fastest Processor, or something special. 60% im using the phone to check the clock. 20% E-Mail/Telegram, 15% Web, 4% Calculator (Andie Graph, hope it will be avail. on Tizen) 0.5% Calling someone and 0,5% others. There´s no need for millions of apps. Just give me a stable secure OS,a handfull of ad-free apps. Thats all.


I would consider tizen if it had more apps, better specs, and better build quality.