Here’s what VLC looks like on a Tizen smartphone

VideoLAN’s VLC is undoubtedly one of the most popular media players available to the public and the fact that it’s open source and has support for almost every media format under the sun really shows why people love it so much. It’s already available on a wide variety of platforms across desktop and mobile so it was only a matter of time before VLC made its way to Tizen as well. Work on VLC for Tizen has been going on for some time and now we get our first look at what the versatile media player will look like on Samsung’s homegrown OS.

Ludovic Fauvet, a member of the team that’s developing this port, tweeted the images and revealed that work is progressing nicely and that the app should be available for download via the Tizen Store in the very near future. It’s going to be available as a free download, VLC has always been free, and comes with support for the Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3 Tizen-powered smartphones.



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