Video explains what Tizen is all about

Tizen seems to be taking off quite well. Even though it has been such a short time since its release, it has managed to overthrow BlackBerry’s solution to become the fourth largest smartphone operating system in the world during Q3 2015.

Now, TizenExperts has published a new video that explains what this new operating system is all about. The video showcases that it has been derived from MeeGo, Limo, SLP, and Samsung’s Bada. It is also explained that the operating system is not just about smartphones and wearables, but it can also power a lot of other product categories such as televisions, in-car infotainment systems, and IoT products.

Samsung has a complete lineup of televisions that are powered by Tizen. The company has released a couple of smartphones and a bunch of smartwatches including the recently announced Gear S2, which are based on the secure and open source platform. Go ahead and check out the whole video if you want to know more about Tizen.

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Finally a video that simply explains what Tisen is really all about. Which is something I’ve been trying to explain to others for years. Tizen is the Future and soon we will all realize Apple iOS and Google Android are the PAST!!! Who really knows where Apple is going? They are above all an Enigma still searching for it’s FUTURE…… always making out like Closed Proprietary Profit Hungry Share Holders are it’s main customers to please. Since they know with such great Brain Washing technology and the symbolic mystery within the Cult of the Rotten Bitten Apple of Snake Oil… Read more »