Samsung develops wire-shaped batteries for smartwatches

Samsung has always been at the forefront in the smart wearables market. Since smartwatches, activity trackers, and fitness trackers are generally quite small, it is hard to fit traditional batteries in these devices. Now, Samsung has developed wire-shaped batteries for these kind of devices to increase their battery life.

Samsung SDI has showcased new wire-shaped Band and Stripe flexible batteries for wearable devices on during InterBattery 2015, which happened yesterday in Seoul, South Korea. The Band battery is targeted towards smartwatches, and the company claimed that it could increase a smartwatch’s battery life by upto 1.5 times.

The company said that it has extensively tested the Band battery by bending it 50,000 times, matching its shape to the curvature of the human wrist. Even after this stringent test, the battery was able to function properly. The company also demonstrated a prototype smartwatch that used both these types of batteries.

According to a report from Gartner, the smartwatches are expected to account for at least 40 percent of sales next year in the wearable devices category. Sales of smartwatches are expected to reach over 100 million units in 2020. Samsung has released its first smartwatch with a completely circular display, the Gear S2, during IFA 2015.

Samsung Flexible Battery For Wearables


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Another company, from memory can’t remember which, had flat flexible batteries out several years ago. That said, and patents fights nonwithstanding, Samsung will make it happen on a broad scale. Just as utilizing the circular rotating bezel, the battery in the bracelet is a no brainer, and it’s good to see Samsung taking the first steps. These guys have, at least basic tech wise, the right idea, although from a consumer stand point I hope the competition steps up.