Samsung launches Socializer Messenger app based on Telegram for Android

After the company’s ChatON instant messaging app failed to gain enough traction, Samsung is taking another chance by entering the messenger app war. The technology giant has announced that it is “taking mobile communications to the next level” with its new messaging app dubbed Socializer Messenger.

An interesting aspect about the Social Messenger app is that it is based “Telegram for Android” open-source project, which makes it easy for users to share web applications in a chatroom without a need to install them. The app uses Social Web App Platform (SWAP) that was designed by developers at Samsung’s Software R&D Center.

Samsung says that it is offering its users much more than just an ability to share things like images, videos, smileys, and stickers. “SWAP connects the dots among web app stores, web apps, and the messenger. This feature allowed us to satisfy content providers, web app developers, and messenger users at the same time,” said Kyung-Eun Park, a senior engineer at Samsung’s Software R&D Center.

Developers can create and distribute apps, games, and other utilities for the app for free, but Samsung is also looking at having an in-app purchase functionality for developers who want to charge users for their services. You can download the app from the Play Store right away, but if you want to see how the app works, be sure to watch the video demonstration that’s embedded below.

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This looks like the kind of thing that was popular in the late 90s. I think MSN Messenger had all kinds of this nonsense too. Like playing board games with your chat partner and stuff.


So it’s essentially a new Flash, or HTML5?