Samsung’s new wireless headphones are for the audiophiles


Last updated: August 17th, 2015 at 19:31 UTC+01:00

Samsung is more or less a ‘for the masses’ kind of a manufacturer, but every now and then the company does dish out a product that looks after the more niche sections of the audience.

The new Level On Wireless Pro headphones certainly fall in the latter category. The buds are, true to their name, wireless, but yet tout sound quality that exceeds CD-quality. Now, that is quite a tall claim to make for a manufacturer not best known for its audiophile products (but is trying to make a name in there nonetheless), but Samsung’s giving it a shot nonetheless.

The 40mm drivers — that deliver Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA) according to Samsung — come in a rather sleek looking package. Four mics in the periphery ensure there’s no ambient noise entering your ears; should you feel the need to pay heed to what’s happening around you, there’s ‘Talk-in Mode’ which pulls down the levels of active audio cancellation.

The Level On Wireless Pro headphones have a standard 3.5mm plug which means you can use these with almost any device lying around in your house. Wireless audio is delivered by Bluetooth 4.1, but if your phone does support NFC, the Level On Wireless Pro buds have you covered.

Color variants include Gold for the bling lovers, and Black if you’re more of the subtle kind.

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