Samsung explains all the features of its Level series headsets in a new infographic

Samsung has launched quite a few headphones in its Level series, and there is something for everyone. Whether you want a wired headphone or wireless, with active noise cancellation or without one, in-ear or over-the-ear, you can get Level headphones that suit your needs. Now, Samsung has released an infographic which showcases the features of all the headphones in its Level series.

The Level U Pro and the Level U Pro ANC are neckband style wireless headphones with splash resistance. However, only the ANC model features active noise cancellation. The Level Active wireless earphones are mostly targeted towards sports and fitness enthusiasts as they feature splash resistance and an ActiveKey button. For those who want a wired in-ear model with active noise cancellation, Samsung offers the Level In ANC earphones. The Level On Wireless Pro are on-ear headphones with noise cancellation, high-resolution audio compatibility, and touch controls.

Have a look at the infographic which shows the features and differences between Samsung’s Level series headphones below.

Samsung Level Series Headphones Features Infographics

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Where is the Level On Over?
I have the white version and I love those headphones.