Samsung Z3 appears running Tizen 3.0

Samsung’s Z1 and Tizen were both delayed for several months, but have finally made their appearance, against all odds. The Z1 has become popular in places like Bangladesh, showing the world that, yes, Samsung devices (even low-end ones) have their appeal and resonate with certain consumers.

Now, with the Note 5 on the way, Samsung’s got bigger plans for its Tizen-powered smartphone. Some photos have surfaced showing the Z3 running Tizen 3.0 with build number Z300HDDD1BOG1. Of course, the Tizen-powered Z3 will run Tizen 2.4 out of the box, but the photos show that Samsung intends to update the Z3 right away. While the Z1 hasn’t impressed most consumers, Samsung’s 5MP front camera, 8MP camera, 720p screen resolution, and 2,600mAh battery for the Z3 will encourage more adopters.

The Samsung Z3 could launch at the Tizen Developer Summit this month, but it will be but one of a few Tizen devices to launch this year.

Samsung Z3 running Tizen 3.0



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cool device


I cant put my comment in the news ( about note 5 )
I like to say something to Samsung about note 5
if you want to win and you see other products from other companies you must to put the best for new phone note 5 ..
1- screen 5.5″ 4k
2- camera 20mp
3- front camera 10mp
4- two ( 2 ) speakers ( stereo ) like htc
5- good betray 4100 or more
6- micro SD
7- two ( 2) sim

if you put the all you will win the market and you will win all companies in this market now ..


Then price will b double or more than double of note 4


There is no need for 4K screen, absolutely waste. There will be no discernable or perceptible difference from a 2K screen on a display this small.
1. Where will you find a GPU to run a 4K display at same frame rate as 2K display?
2. Batterylife will go sh!t

Camera resolution has nothing to do with quality
Motorola Droid Turbo also has 21MP camrea, but is useless. MP count means nothing for image quality.

Please stop trolling


you mean also htc one have 2 speakers and it mean nothing for sound quality !!!
and lg have 4k screen also it mean nothing for screen quality !!! and also htc one m9 and sony and nokia have camera 20mp and it mean nothing for image quality !!! what you say ???? and all phones have all spec and the price is normal .. you can thin again about that , and I not asked Samsung to put camera 40mp or 4 speakers or screen 11k

Frantzeskos Vorias
Frantzeskos Vorias

2 speakers is good stuff but cmon , who will use speakers for music ? Bass is out of the question so having 2 speakers is actually the same with having one since the output will be more or less the same.

Lg doesnt have 4k screens on cellphones.

4k = 4 x 1080p(FULLHD)
2k = 4 x 720p(HD)


Blocked please