Tizen’s smartwatch market share falls to less than half during Q1 2015

Samsung has some grand plans with Tizen. The company has already released various products based on the Tizen including television sets, smartphones, smartwatches, and cameras. Due to company’s early entry into the smartwatch market, it managed to acquire a bigger share of the pie. However, Tizen’s smartwatch market share seems to tumbling due to Android Wear and other new smartwatch entrants.

According to Strategy Analytics, a research firm based out of the US, since the release of Android Wear-based smartwatches started hitting the retail shelves, Tizen’s smartwatch market share started dropping. In Q1 2015, Tizen smartwatch market share stood at 23.1 percent, which is less than half of what it was (47.8 percent) during Q2 2014. Not only big brands like Google and Apple, even newer brands like Pebble and Withings have released promising products.

Even though Samsung has released some of the most feature-packed smartwatches like the Gear S, consumers as well as experts have been left uninspired by their hardware designs. The company is readying its first smartwatch with a circular display codenamed Orbis, and has tied up with app developers in advance. What Samsung needs to do is, work on bringing more apps to its Tizen smartwatches, and make them work with other smartphone platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Samsung Tizen Smartwatch Market Share Q1 2015

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