Samsung reveals some of its new NEXTGEAR partners

It was first reported a couple of months back that Samsung was working on a next-generation Gear smartwatch with a circular display. We exclusively reported that this smartwatch is internally referred to as Orbis and that it will be unlike any smartwatch that Samsung has ever released. A few weeks back when Samsung released the next-generation Gear smartwatch SDK to developers it revealed more details about the device, which is going to have a round watch face with a metal crown and a metal frame. It will have a 1.18-inch circular display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Also present on the smartwatch are various sensors such as gyrosensor, pressure and magnetic sensor, accelerometer and heart-rate monitor. Connectivity options include cellular radio, GPS and Wi-Fi.

The SDK for the “#NEXTGEAR,” as Samsung calls it, is already available to developers who can use it to get their apps ready for the new smartwatch. Samsung today revealed some of the new partners that have committed to creating apps for the next-generation Gear, these include News Republic, Groupon, tripcase, Kimgisa and Komoot among others, such as Yelp, CNN and Baidu. So far Samsung has not revealed when it will officially launch the next-generation Gear smartwatch.






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