YouTube documentary tries to figure out just how big Samsung really is

It’s a common misconception among people that Samsung only makes home appliances and mobile devices. The South Korean conglomerate does much more than that but it can often be hard to keep track of every business that its in. A new short documentary has been released on YouTube which tackles an important question: just how big Samsung really is? Did you know that they have a military department? Well you’ll find that out when you watch the documentary.

The documentary begins by explaining how Samsung came into being. It was founded back in 1938 and initially it was a trading company that dealt in groceries. By 1950 it was in insurance, securities and retail. A decade later Samsung produced its first electronic device, a 12-inch black and white TV set. Many of us now use multiple Samsung products daily, be it home appliances, smartphones or tablets, light bulbs, headphones, laptops and much more. The conglomerate also has a robust component business that provides components like displays and processors to many companies such as Apple.

This 12-minute documentary goes into a lot of detail about Samsung’s early days and how it became the behemoth it is today. It’s certainly a worth your time to watch it.


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