This might be the most unlikely yet impressive feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6

It’s not something the average consumer usually thinks of when deciding on which smartphone to buy, but the SAR rating of a mobile device is still an important feature. It’s the rating that denotes the radiation levels (radio frequency energy) of a smartphone, and all smartphones need to have a SAR value less than or below 1.6 watts per kilogram (though this can vary depending on country) to be considered safe enough for human use. When it comes to the Galaxy S6 Edge, it seems this often overlooked feature might actually be one of its most important – according to the support pages that went online today, the S6 Edge’s SAR rating for Europe is extremely low at 0.306 W/Kg, lower than any other flagship currently on the market.

That’s the Head SAR value of the Galaxy S6 Edge, relating to how much of the radition levels a user’s head can be subjected to (especially when on a call). That’s considerably lower than the head SAR rating of the Galaxy S5 in Europe (0.56 W/kg), the Galaxy Note 4’s (0.37 W/kg), and the iPhone 6’s (0.98 W/kg). As for the body SAR rating, the Galaxy S5 already had it pretty low at 0.41 W/kg, and the Galaxy S6 takes it a tad lower at 0.409 W/Kg.

Again, while not exactly a feature usually found on a user’s wishlist, Samsung has managed to reduce the SAR rating of its next flagship(s) to an impressive level. Hopefully, this is something that will kick off a trend for other smartphones as well, and also make it to lower-end devices in the future.


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