Samsung sets a world selfie record with the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5

It might not seem like the most worthy thing to do with a smartphone, but taking selfies is a trend that is sure to stay alive for a long time to come. In the last year or so, smartphone manufacturers have started putting high-resolution front cameras in their devices in order to cash in on the selfie craze, and Samsung recently jumped on-board with phones like the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy Grand Prime, all of which have 5-megapixel shooters on the front. Well, it seems the Korean manufacturer might have found a nice way of marketing the A series devices – attempting to set a world record for the most selfies taken in one day.

Samsung didn’t just attempt to break the previous Guinness World Record, it succeeded by a considerable margin. Over a course of 24 hours, regular consumers in Johannesburg and Cape Town were invited to use the two devices and take selfies, both with the phones themselves and using selfie sticks – a total of 12,803 selfies were captured, almost 3,000 more than the previous attempt to make a record over such a simplistic thing. Samsung also gave away 100 Galaxy A3 and A5’s to participants – not a lot considering how many of those self-portraits were taken, but the company no doubt managed to make sure a lot of people are now aware of the two devices.

Marketing well done, all while setting a Guinness World Record. Crazy, right? You can check out the entire album of selfies at the source link, and also check out our review of the Galaxy A5.

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