The Galaxy S6 may not be enough to prevent second straight year of earning drops

Samsung has had quite a merry time in the market in the past. Not long back, the company was the undisputed leader in terms of volume in a lot of markets, which however started to change once local players like Xiaomi in China, Micromax in India, BLU, etc. in the US started cropping up. This meant that the OEM had to face a dip in its profits thanks to more and more companies snatching its share of the pie. According to market analysts from FnGuide Inc., the Korean major is expected to make profits worth 20.8 trillion won (US$1.91 billion) this financial year, which translates to a 6% dip from the estimated 22.1 trillion won it made last year.

Now, that isn’t a figure you can write off as insignificant. In fact, when you take into consideration the fact that the profits from 2013 were quite a bit higher, the picture gets even clearer. A 27.3% drop in profits is what the company will be looking at, when compared to 2013. This is perhaps why it’s being said that the Galaxy S6 alone may not be enough to prevent the plummeting profit records of Samsung.

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