Samsung’s first Tizen powered phone is coming to India in January

India’s been a battleground for a lot of new smartphone makers in the past few months. While a lot of the competition has come from the neighbouring country of China, many of India’s domestic players have partaken in the game, making it rise to cut-throat levels. International biggies such as Motorola, Huawei, etc. too have launched some budget devices in the price-sensitive market, which has translated into lost ground for Samsung. In a bid to win back its share of the market and then more, Samsung is all set to announce its first Tizen powered smartphone in the country in the next month. The phone — codenamed ‘Z1’ (SM-Z130H) — is going to be affordable, so as to give Samsung a good chance at making it big on the market.

The Tizen powered phone will be priced in the sub-6000 INR, or roughly US$90 with entry-level specifications such as a dual-core processor, 4-inch screen and 512MB RAM. In the past few months, the Indian market has seen phones like the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Android One series, etc. being launched at around the same price, so it’s but natural that the Tizen phone be pitted against those.

Previously, we had brought to you leaked UI elements of the entry-level Tizen phone, which you can check here.


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