Samsung releases first TV commercial for the Gear S

The Gear S, Samsung’s six wearable device for the wrist, has been going up for sale in various markets in recent weeks, and Samsung is naturally looking at ways to make people actually buy its feature-packed smartwatch. To this end, the Korean manufacturer has released the first commercial for the Gear. Unlike the creepy ads Samsung released for the original Galaxy Gear last year, the Gear S commercial doesn’t waste any time and simply lets viewers know what it’s capable of. “It’s a compass.” “It’s an extra pair of hands.” “It’s not a watch.” are basically all you will hear, as the ad goes about showing how the Gear S offers directions, lets you make phone calls and send messages without a phone, and so on.

The Gear S was made available for purchase in South Korea last week, where it sold 10,000 units on the first day of launch, and in the US as well. The selling point of the smartwatch is its curved 2-inch Super AMOLED display, and also its inbuilt SIM card slot and Wi-Fi and GPS chips, which let it work without needing a companion smartphone at all times (a fact the ad reiterates as a guy leaves his phone in his locker and still manages to use his Gear S to send messages while getting a haircut.)


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All those new features are awesome but there is a catch…
(3G + WiFi + GPS) / 300 mAh battery = charging everyday.
Belive me 😉