Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for Sprint passes the FCC

US carriers are all set to launch the Galaxy Note Edge sometime later this year, and it seems Sprint might be getting pretty close to making it available for consumers. The carrier’s variant of the Note Edge (SM-N915P) has been recently approved by the FCC, with support for LTE bands 26 and 41, putting it one step closer to an official release. The same model also supports band 25 for MetroPCS, though that doesn’t confirm that the carrier will also be offering the device, given how Samsung has said the Galaxy Note Edge will be a “limited concept device.”

The Galaxy Note Edge offers most of the same hardware as the Galaxy Note 4, but comes with a unique wraparound display on one side that provides functionality like displaying notifications, quick access to favourite apps, and more. It will be available only in limited markets, though we’re hoping Samsung can perfect the technology by next year and make sure its successor is more widely available.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915P Sprint FCC

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