Report: Samsung might build Facebook’s next phone

Facebook’s first phone, the HTC First may have failed but its failure isn’t stopping them in planning its successor. Apparently, Facebook is strengthening its partnership with Samsung and the next Facebook phone might be on the cards. According to the Korean media, Mark Zuckerberg met with Samsung’s Vice Chairman, Lee Jay-Yong at Samsung’s headquarters in Korea. The latest meeting was about “futuristic business projects” and was seen as “win-win” by both the companies. This is the third instance this year when officials from Samsung and Facebook have met. Apparently, Facebook is searching for a trustable hardware partner to make their next phone a reality.

If you remember, the Gear VR was developed in collaboration with Oculus, which is now owned by Facebook. There is a fair chance that this collaboration might not be about a Facebook phone, but other things such as Facebook applications and services being pre-installed on Samsung products, though the Korean media thinks otherwise. Would you be interested in buying a Facebook phone from Samsung?

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