Analyst predicts 11 million Galaxy Note 4 and 1 million Galaxy Note Edge units will be shipped in 2014

Samsung is done with the announcement of its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4. At the event it also unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge. Both devices are set to hit the market later this fall but an analyst believes they won’t set new milestones for the company.

A Hyundai Securities analyst expects Samsung to ship 11 million units of the Galaxy Note 4 and just 1 million units of the Galaxy Note Edge. The former’s shipments won’t eclipse that of its predecessor, Galaxy Note 3, which was released around the same time last year.

As far as the Galaxy Note Edge is concerned the analyst believes that since this device’s manufacturing process is likely complicated it will result in fewer shipments, lending weight to reports that Samsung’s new device with a wraparound display will be available in limited quantities.

This sentiment is echoed by other analysts as well, which means that they don’t expect the latest Galaxy Note to perform better than its predecessor. Though it should be pointed out here that shipments don’t necessarily equal to sales. Ultimately the performance will be judged by how many units Samsung is able to sell to consumers, and those numbers are rarely released.


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