Samsung partners with Montblanc for stylish Galaxy Note 4 styli

Today, Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 4 with a metal frame which gives it a premium look and in-hand feel. It appears that Samsung doesn’t want to stop there and has decided to give a similar stylish treatment to its stylus. In partnership with premium writing instrument maker Montblanc, Samsung has announced two new custom styli for Galaxy Note series of smartphones and tablets. These two styli from Montblanc; the Pix and the e-StarWalker, are being termed as “digital writing devices”. Their design closely resembles to that of real pens with interchangeable nibs. The e-StarWalker would cost $525 while the Pix is priced at $350.

Apart from those styli, Montblanc also displayed two new flip covers for the Galaxy Note 4. The “Extreme” flip cover is made up of a threaded fabric which looks similar to perforated dots on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The “Soft Grain” flip cover has a more classic leather look. Both these flip covers are priced at $245.

Montblanc Galaxy Note 4 e-StarWalker

Montblanc Galaxy Note 4 Pix

Montblanc Galaxy Note 4 Extreme Cover Montblanc Galaxy Note 4 Soft Grain Cover

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“which looks similar to band-aid design of the Samsung Galaxy S5”

Perforated (dots) design of the Galaxy S5…..