Samsung registers Gear Store trademark, could be an app store for its Gear wearables

Samsung has registered yet another trademark for a product related to its Gear lineup of wearables. We came across the Gear VR trademark earlier this week, and now, a trademark for Gear Store, applied for at the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been found. From the trademark’s description, Gear Store is a “computer application software for wearable computer peripherals, wearable computers, wearable mobile phones, smartphones, mobile phones.” Apps for Samsung’s Gear smartwatches can currently be downloaded from the Samsung Apps store, and it’s possible Gear Store will be spun-off as a dedicated store for wearable apps.

Samsung is expected to launch a new smartwatch running Android Wear later this year and is also said to be working on smart glasses and a virtual reality headset, so the introduction of the Gear Store as an all-in-one stop for apps no matter which type of wearable device the consumer is using would certainly make sense (though it probably won’t be accessible on the Android Wear smartwatch as that will not be running Samsung’s own OS.)

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If you go into the play store on gear 1 there’s already a specialize play store for wearable, that limits what’s shown the games and apps that are formatted or compatible with android on gear 1, I’m sure readying for gear wear since this change only occurred in latest play store update