Samsung Galaxy Tab S fingerprint sensor, Ultra Power Saving Mode confirmed

The first official firmware for the Galaxy Tab S, Samsung’s upcoming tablets with AMOLED displays, went online earlier today, and naturally, we decided to go through them to see what we could find out about the latest tablet lineup from Samsung. Well, from what we’ve seen so far, we can confirm that the Galaxy Tab S will indeed feature a fingerprint sensor – we exclusively confirmed earlier this month that that would be the case, and now some images and videos in the firmware that demonstrate how the fingerprint sensor work further reiterating the fact.

help_image_fingerprint_01 help_image_fingerprint_03

Also revealed in the firmware is the presence of the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature that debuted on the Galaxy S5 – Ultra Power Saving Mode extends battery life by, among other things, turning off the color output of the screen, which should combine with the AMOLED display to offer considerably huge usage times when needed. We’ve managed to extract images that show Ultra Power Saving Mode in action, and also things like the camera interface and the Magazine UX on the homescreen – there are wallpapers, too (mostly the same as the Galaxy S5’s), so go ahead and check them all out below.


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