Galaxy S5 reportedly outsold the iPhone 5s on launch weekend in the US

The first week of launch was said to be a good one for the Galaxy S5, and now, data released by a retail management software provider suggests that Samsung’s waterproof flagship outsold Apple’s iPhone 5s in its launch weekend (April 11-13) in the US. According to the report, which is based on data collected from “over 15,000 store locations across the North America,” the Galaxy S5 accounted for 23 percent of all phones sold in the US and 18 percent of phones sold in Canada over said weekend, compared to 18 percent and 13 percent for the iPhone 5s when it launched last year.

The Galaxy S5 was found to be most popular in southern parts of the US, comprising a whopping 41 percent of phones sold in the region. The data also suggests that despite the impending release of the Galaxy S5, consumers were still buying the Galaxy S4 in droves during the 2013 holiday season and in January 2014. The results are interesting, and coupled with the reports of the Galaxy S5 already accounting for 0.7 percent of all Android phones, once again point out just how well consumers seem to have received the latest and greatest from the Korean manufacturer.



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3 years 40 minutes ago

Another thing to look at is that this data comes from retailers and providers..Apple has a huge retail business of its own and sells a lot of phones through its website and physical stores. One can look at their retail revenue to gauge the number.

3 years 3 hours ago

Quite a useless article, it provides little information. Whats the Percentage reference? Hows that valid? The Fall and Holiday season sees a very larger amount of smartphone sales in the US (Same for tablets)..The first 2 quarters of the year are traditionally low-end of the smartphone quarterly sales.

As an example 18% of a million is greater than 25% of half a million. If the author had some sense he would have mentioned “actual sales” rather than the retarded percentage figures. We know what the iPhone sold in its opening weekend. Show us how many S5′s sold as a NUMBER and not a percentage of smartphone sales on that particular weekend in april.

3 years 16 hours ago

He is an iDiot

3 years 1 day ago

what a DECEPTIVE article!! I love samsung, but this spin is ridiculous

It is not comparing launch weekend of the iphone 5s versus launch weekend of galaxy s5…

it is just comparing it on galaxy s5 launch weekend to a phone (iphone 5s) that has been out for over 6 months already…and it better outsell a phone that has been out already on its own launch weekend

Jaime Larios
3 years 23 hours ago

Hahaha you are funny… or dumb; i haven’t decided yet.
It clearly states on the article: “compared to 18 percent and 13 percent for the iPhone 5s when it launched last year” WHEN.IT.LAUNCHED.LAST.YEAR.

3 years 1 day ago

No doubt about it! Nothing beats Samsung at it’s territory! :)

3 years 1 day ago

the phone better have outsold the iphone on its own launch weekend…..especially with a phone that has been out for over 6 months and a new one is immiment

Jaime Larios
3 years 23 hours ago

Really man? Couldn’t you understand this simple statement? “compared to 18 percent and 13 percent for the iPhone 5s when it launched last year”
Wow, iphone users never cease to amaze me.